"Stick Up" b​/​w "Mad Rap" 7" Single

by J-Zone

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oughtobe "The world needs mad rap...period" Favorite track: Mad Rap.
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MentPlus Beat - Juggled this release in front of a crowd of 30 to 40 or so folks in a bar who kept asking who the heck is that??? I simply said J-Zone... yall gotta cop this! I highly recommend Favorite track: Stick Up.
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thebigbeatdown DRUMS, that is why I love this track :D Favorite track: Stick Up.
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Charlie Blimey I couldn't give a damn if the world wants to hear this single or not - I want to hear this single, I want to own this single, I want to make love to this sing... No, hang on, forget that last sentence. A welcome addition to Peter Pan Syndrome and the instrumental album. Buy it and save a tiny baby panda. Maybe. If he decides to use the money that way. He'll probably buy a baby panda fur coat... Favorite track: Stick Up.


New single. Me and my drum kit vs. the Hammond Organ on side A; I address how much I hate the word "hater" on side B. "Mad Rap" instrumental included in download.


released October 14, 2014

Produced & Mixed by J-Zone
Recorded in a Basement in Southeast Queens, NY
Drums and Ace Tone Organ: J-Zone
Additional Vocals on "Mad Rap": Chief Chinchilla
Artwork: James Blackwell (@jzanaught)
Mastered by Pablo Martin


all rights reserved



J-Zone Queens, New York

I did 15 years in the music biz, but never could deal with the biz part. After a slew of albums and production credits, I hung it up and decided to get a "real" job in 2009. That didn't work out too well. I wrote a book (Root for the Villain:Rap, Bullshit and a Celebration of Failure) in 2011, learned to play drums and returned to music in 2013. The music to the left is my story. Well, most of it. ... more

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Track Name: Mad Rap
[1st Verse]

It took 20 years but in that short span of time
We've decided, the world don't wanna hear no angry black man rhyme
Look, I don't mind a song about Kool Aid Frozen Pizza, Thrift shop, hip-hop needs records with no mean streak
We ain't all fucked up in the game
No job, school loans, gettin' beat by the cops
But for every Vanilla Ice or Hammer
You had PE to create some type of balance
The voice of America's forgotten
Expanded to soccer mom's, mall rats and bloggers
Payin' high Brooklyn rent, but the cats who invented this shit
Ain't got the skills to get a square job and fall back
And in the midst of all that
If ya speak on some bullshit they call you a hater
But that's my duty!
But bein' a hater is like havin' the cooties
You gotta be a millionaire
To have an opinion on anyone or anything with a bank account sittin' there
50 Cent and Canibus never would've existed
If we called em a hater for goin' after someone richer
Never thought I'd hate something that I love so much, but it's on
Rap got Stockholm Syndrome


You don't wanna say that huh? Aww, afraid they gonna call you a hater?
You don't wanna say that huh? Cause to have an opinion, ya gotta have paper
You don't wanna say that huh? Don't wanna close off future opportunities
You don't wanna say that huh? Burning bridges is a cost of doin' business

[Chief Chinchilla]

You pink butterfly bowtie-wearin' muthafuckas!
You know it's bad when a comedy rapper gotta make a serious record

[2nd Verse]

Now when ya make fuck you money, I find it unbelievable
That rich blacks never say 'fuck you' to people
Jay-Z don't wanna talk bad about Barney's
The Clippers turned their warm-ups inside out, I turned off the game
I ain't even watch the tip-off
Yo, who the fuck are y'all, Kris Kross?
Pimp daddy Donald make ya jump, jump!
Millionaire cowards, livin' like chumps
Make all the money you want, ya still a nigger
Record deals and sports contracts distort facts
Then I log on to Twitter
And see Russell Simmons, telling me to live without money (!)
Pushing high class vegan lifestyles to followers
Who went and bought Rushcards, but never left Hollis
Everyone thinks they're on the verge of being stars
And don't wanna fuck it up, so we stopped pulling cards [Fuck ya!]
Threaten black artists with irrelevance, they start to sweat
Cause they know McDonalds is next
So they let a puppeteer stick a hand in their ass
That's why most rap says nothin', and R&B is trash
Meanwhile our legends in rap, funk and soul die poor
While the Rolling Stones still tour
To rap at 82 beats a minute is a fight
And most rappers won't rap about the plight of black flight
Brothers movin' down south or gettin' housing vouchers
To some run down ghost town 100 miles out
No jobs or transportation, but ya got a yard
Where ya sit and drink Wray and Nephew and play cards
Gentrification hit the nation, but don't rap about that
Just rep the projects and hope to move back
Now let this shit serve, as a lil' letter
To everybody complainin' but don't wanna ruffle feathers
How come I never rap serious?
Cause no one wants to hear this shit
From an industry failure, a proletariat
But for once in my life, I ain't worried 'bout no ASCAP
Nobody wants to be a hater but the world needs Mad Rap!

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