1. The Du-Rites: Plug It In

  2. The Du-Rites: Bay B. MoMa

  3. The Du-Rites: Pressure

  4. Concussion Percussion

  5. The Du-Rites: "The Sun" (feat. Elson Nascimento of Sun Ra Arkestra) (Digital Single)

  6. The Zone Identity: "Knight Rider" b/w "9 Breaks"

  7. The Du-Rites: A Funky Bad Time

  8. The Du-Rites: "Jheri Curl" b/w "Du-Vibrations" Single

  9. The Du-Rites: "Pigeon Spikes"

  10. Break Bonanza

  11. The Du-Rites: "Mad Dog" b/w "Cheap Cologne" Single

  12. The Du-Rites: Soundcheck at 6

  13. The Du-Rites: "Neckbones (Live)" b/w "Gittin' Sound" (Digital Single)

  14. The Du-Rites: "Zodiac" b/w "Monster" Single

  15. 45 Grab Bag!

  16. The Zone Identity: "Soul Food" b/w "Melting Pot" (2nd Pressing)

  17. The Du-Rites: Gamma Ray Jones

  18. The Du-Rites: Don't Call Me Pedro (Digital Single)

  19. The Du-Rites: "The Mean Machine" b/w "Corinthian Leather"

  20. THE ZONE IDENTITY: "Soul Food" b/w "Melting Pot"

  21. The Du-Rites: "Horse Pills" (Single)

  22. Guerrilla Drums

  23. The Du-Rites: "Gamma Ray Funk" b/w "Fish Sammich"

  24. MANZEL: "High And Tight" b/w "Standing On Mars"

  25. The Du-Rites: Greasy Listening

  26. The Du-Rites: "Bite It" b/w "Bocho's Groove" 7" single

  27. THE ZONE IDENTITY: "Funk-I-Tus" b/w "Let The Music Take Your Mind"

  28. J-Zone & Pablo Martin are The Du-Rites

  29. Fish-n-Grits

  30. "Funky" b/w "Go Back To Sellin' Weed" Single

  31. Backyard Breaks

  32. "Seoul Power" b/w "I'm Sick Of Rap"

  33. J-Zone Instrumental Box Set: The Headband Years (1999-2006)

  34. "I Smell Smoke" b/w "Time For A Crime Wave"

  35. Lucky Strikes (Free Drumbreak)

  36. Lunch Breaks

  37. "Stick Up" b/w "Mad Rap"

  38. Zonestitution (Free Drumbreak)

  39. Peter Pan Syndrome (Instrumentals)

  40. Peter Pan Syndrome

  41. "The Drug Song (Remix)" b/w "The Fox Hunt" 7" single

  42. Presents...Chief Chinchilla: Live at the Liqua Sto

  43. To Love A Hooker: The Motion Picture Soundtrack

  44. A Job Ain't Nuthin' But Work


J-Zone Queens, New York

My childhood dream of playing bass in a funk band died when Jheri curls went out of style. I had an on again-off again rap career. I wrote and self-published a book in 2011, learned to play drums shortly after and returned to my funk roots as a drummer, where I feel most at home. My bands The Du-Rites and The Zone Identity reflect that. The music to the left is my story through it all. Dig. ... more

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